Pro Karaoke Effector
Intro:DSP-680PRO Karaoke effector is one of the most high end of ToneWinner, it has the best sound & the most powerful all digital circuit DSP sound filed effect processing system.
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Technical Specifications:

1) THD: Music <0.05%, Microphone <0.1%

2) S/N: Music >90dBA-weighted, Microphone >75dB( Turn off noise gate, A-weighted) 

3) Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz (+1/-3dB) 

4) 11 bands music EQ: ±10dB per band

5) 11 bands microphone EQ: ±10dB per band

6) Music gain: 12dB (+1/-3dB) 

7) Microphone gain: 35dB (+1/-3dB) 

8) Power voltage: ~220V/50Hz (Can be changed to ~115V, 60Hz)

9) Unit size: 482x210x45mm 

10) Package size:  518x210x84mm 

11) NW: 2.5KGS, GW: 3KGS