Pro Karaoke Effector
Intro:AD-780N is a professional Karaoke preamplifier with double reverberation. It has full functions & high fidelity, what’s more, the debugging procedure is quite easy, thus it is quite suitable to use it in the Karaoke room & KTV cabinet.
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Technical Specifications:

Type: Professional Karaoke preamplifier (A weighted)

THD: Music<0.1% MIC<0.1%+1/-3dB

Latency: 150ms 175ms 200ms   S/N: Music channel >95db (A weighted)

MIC channel 90db (A weighted)  MIC gain >20db (To line output)

Frequency response:

Music channel 20Hz~100KHz  Music gain >12db (To line output)

MIC channel: 45Hz~30KHz

Input impedance: Music: 20K (Unbalance), MIC: 600ohm (Unbalance)

EMF: Music <250mv, MIC<50mv

Unit size: 485mm x 190mm x 55mm

Carton size: 530mm x 280mm x 108mm (W x D x H)

NW: 2.4KGS                  GW: 3.1KGS

Suitable places: KTV, multi media meeting room, entertainment venues…