3D HD professional cinema processor
Intro:HD-100 supports Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Master, DTS HI RES & some other most advance HD audio decoding, besides this, it also has 3D playing effce, HDMI1.4 transmission technology, lip sync, BT receiving transmission, multi zone management, can transfer the rear channel output to front channel output if need to increase the volume of front speakers, 11 bands EQ adjustment, powerful crossover technique, several way 7.1 channel balance/unbalance audio outputs.
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Technical Specifications:

2) Support Dolby- HD DTS-HD & all its downward high definition audio format.

3) Professional Karaoke sound effect, cinema, KTV & online game, all in one, smart one button switch, easy operation, no need professional device manager.

4) 3.1 channel Karaoke system output(Main channel, center channel & subwoofer outputs), also with bass level control on microphone.

5) Standard 5.1 theater amplifier system, also with 7.1 output, which is quite convenient for future upgrade.

6) Support engineering lock, you can limit the power on times & using timing.

7) Set the power on volume & max volume separately, volume limitation to music & microphone.

8) Support HD 3D audio video effect.

9) Support RS232 smart center control, CEC & 12V trigger control.

10) Support ATP:X Hi-Fi Bluetooth transmission, it supports wireless long distance lossless transmission.  

11) Professional engineering cable holder, easy to plug in/out & also can protect the damage of the unit due to the wrong cable connection.

12) Precise Intelligent Room Calibration   

13) Support FM full frequency radio

14) Support ARC HD audio return

15) Use high power ring transformer & high quality filter capacitors, which can guarantee powerful dynamic output & pure music quality.

16) In order to full reproduce the real sound, we use cinema audiophile level circuit, with wide frequency response, low distortion, high S/N rate,

17) Applies micro computer intelligent temperature control system to guarantee the unit work stable & safe in a long time.  

18) Several bands of built-in EQ parameters adjustment, different preset scenarios can be switched by pressing one button.

Audio processing part

1) Support HD audio decoding, include Dolby TrueHDDolby Digital PlusDTS MasterDTS HI RES…
2) SD audio decoding support: Dolby DigitalEX, DTS, DTS ESD6.1M6.1,  DTS 96K/24, 192K 7.1CH PCM…
3) Perfect matrix decoding function: Dolby Pro Logic IIxDTS Neo:6…

4) Intelligent Room Calibration
5) Mighty bass management, bass enhancement function & single/ double back speaker setting independently; 

6) 11-band parameter equalizer 

7) Unique & practical crossover & bi-amp technology
8) High quality FM radio, adopts professional digital radio chip

9) As long as 999millisecond lip synchronic adjustment

10) Bluetooth receive & transmission technology

11) Support 7.1 channel RCA output

12) Support SPDIF digital signal output 2CH PCM

13) 2way isolated coaxial, 2way optical input

Video processing part

1) HDMI1.4 input/output ports
2) 4 way HDMI input, 1 way HDMI output, HDMI quick switch
3) 12Bit video processing; the max is 1080p, support DVI mode, support HD audio, 8CH PCM.

4) Support 3D video playing
5) Support HDMI CEC
6) Support HDMI ARC

7) Video input/output support: HDMI/DVI  480P576P720P50 720P601080i501080i601080P501080P601080P24  

8) Unit size: 430×248×89mm  

9) Unit size (With amounting rack): 482×248×104mm 

10) NW: 6KGS, GW: 6.7KGS