AV Speaker
Intro:TD-6 Hi-Fi speaker updates the cabinet design bases on TD-2. It is a two-ways three drivers floor-standing paraphase Hi-Fi speakers, it is the most cost-efficient model in TW’s TD series speakers.
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TD-6 Master speaker

Design: 6’’X2 + 1’’

Sensitivity: 88dB

Frequency range: 38-20KHz

Rated impedance: 4Ω

Rate Power: 20-100W

G.W: 24.8KGS/PC

Size: 190X1055X392  (LXWXH) mm


TD-6 Middle Speaker

Design: 5’’X2 + 1’’

Sensitivity: 87dB

Frequency range: 70-20KHz

Rated impedance: 6Ω

Rate Power: 10-40W

G.W: 7.3KGS/PC

Size: 520X180X210 mm


TD-6 Surround Speaker

Design: 5’’ + 1’’

Sensitivity: 85dB

Frequency range: 75-20KHz

Rated impedance: 4Ω

Rate Power: 5-40W

G.W: 4.5 KGS/PC

Size:180X300X210 mm